Mission & Vision

Chamber Music From Our community for our community

Chamber music is traditionally defined as a small ensemble of musicians performing together.  Chamber music, as we know it, is nothing without the participation of our community in the audience.

Wichita has a vibrant and beautiful arts community.  We feel that a missing piece is a resource for musicians to be able to connect with each other, local venues, and the broader community.  We want Wichita Chamber Music Festival to be that resource.  Musicians or community members can reach out to us with an established group, requested piece to perform, or an event idea and our aim is to collaborate and work to bring their vision to life.

We want to close the gap of accessibility that has been lost with live Chamber music and the modern audience.  Whatever stigma or preconceived notion that the audience may have, we want to hear about it.  We are here to work together to educate and enhance everyone’s chamber music experience.